Discover the Difference

The Value

We know that no one can put a price tag on a quality education, but we still strive to make it very affordable. In fact, parents are often surprised at just how reasonable the cost is to attend one of our schools. We also offer various payment plans and tuition assistance to make it even easier.

But what do you get for your hard-earned dollars? You get something that can’t be measured in money. We provide your child with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential in a safe, caring environment where faith and academic achievement are nurtured and celebrated.

In the final analysis, the value of the educational experience realized through The Lutheran Schools is measured in your child’s success, now and in the future. Moreover, we endeavor to ensure that money never interferes with your desire to give your child the gift of a lifetime, an excellent Christian education that prepares him or her for life in the world today, as well as life eternal.

The Students

Visitors often remark about the joy on students’ faces, the enthusiasm they demonstrate in activities and classroom discussions, and the palpable energy sensed within the walls of The Lutheran Schools.

In addition to providing students with a solid academic foundation, The Lutheran Schools focus on instilling in their students a moral compass that will lead them in the right direction throughout life. We also instill a sense of citizenship by making students aware of their obligations, not just to their local communities, but to people around the world. For example, our students recently raised $28,000 to build a school in Liberia. Some students also regularly help students in the Fort Wayne Community Schools system improve their reading skills through Project READS. Our students visit nursing homes, write letters to people who need a kind word, volunteer to help those in need, and help financially support ministries they themselves have selected.

The Tradition

The history of The Lutheran Schools and the history of northeast Indiana are written on the same page.

Throughout the 19th century, northeast Indiana became home to many German immigrants who came to this country seeking political freedom and opportunity. In fact, it’s estimated that around 50 percent of Fort Wayne residents today claim German heritage.

These German immigrants, mostly Lutherans, brought with them their faith, culture, language, work ethic, skills—and a prevailing notion that education was the key to success, regardless of the endeavor. Those who would be community leaders established churches, schools, businesses, farms, and later, other institutions, such as hospitals and retirement communities.

The founders of Lutheran churches recognized that schools would be essential components of their ministry. In 1837, St. Paul’s School was established at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, making it the oldest, continuously operating elementary school—public or private—in Indiana.

Many more Lutheran schools were to come, and many of them—The Lutheran Schools—still exist today for the same reason that St. Paul’s School was established 175 years ago: they are important ministerial components.

Although many of The Lutheran Schools, rich in history and heritage, are more than 100 years old, they continue to evolve and grow to meet the educational needs of students in the 21st century. The Lutheran Schools are supported by Lutheran congregations to ensure the best education possible. The Lutheran Schools are here to stay.