Quality Education

Providing The Seed & Water of Faith part I

Our schools have changed. Old assumptions about Lutheran schools can’t be assumed any longer. Financial and philosophical support of a church towards its school is not a given. Some seasoned Lutheran teachers don’t share enthusiasm for the call of teacher, even discouraging students and their own family from going into professional church work. Schools have… Read more »

Christmas as a Lesson in Teaching

What did Mary see? An angel visiting at her front door. A bustling town so busy that there were no rooms at the inn. A barn full of animals. Excited shepherds worshipping her firstborn son and telling tales of angel choruses. The mother of our Lord saw a lot, and Luke says, “Mary treasured up… Read more »

Learning and Growing through Critical Friend Visits

Last school year, The Lutheran Schools Partnership (TLSP) lead an effort to establish a supportive network of schools and teachers.  We adopted a process called Critical Friend Visits that focuses on what students are doing in classrooms.  Six of our schools piloted the process and through those experiences and the feedback we received, we revised… Read more »

The Emotionally Safe Classroom

St. Paul’s Teachers Foster a Caring Learning Environment Jovita Nack, a fifth grade teacher at St. Paul’s Lutheran School, says that when a child does not feel safe, they cannot learn. “I came across a professor in college who understood classroom anxiety and said, ‘Think of me as someone who is like an editor and… Read more »

Bethlehem Lutheran: A Small School with a Big Heart

Lasting Friendships Highlight Layne Fisher’s Experience Layne Fisher doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that her family ended up at Bethlehem Lutheran School. “It was God’s plan,” she says. “I was getting my hair cut from a lady in Ossian. I was looking for a babysitter, so I talked to my hairdresser who recommended Susan Stoppenhagen…. Read more »

Woodburn Lutheran Impacts Family of Seven

The Gentz Family Invests in Christian Education Jake and Jamie Gentz had a big decision when it came time for their oldest son, Jacob, to go to kindergarten. Parents to five kids, they knew that whatever school they chose, they would be making a decision that impacted their whole family. “I did a walk through… Read more »

Lego Robotics: An Adventure in Computer Programming

St. John-Emmanuel Completes in Lego Robotics Competition Tinkering with Legos isn’t just for kids. Ask Randy Stinson, Lutheran school parent and one of the volunteer leaders for the Lego robotics club at St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School. Lego robotics combines engineering and computer programming, allowing students to design, build, and program small-scale Lego robots. These robots… Read more »


This is the new buzzword in education, but unlike other trends, this idea may have staying power.  Grit is a person’s ability to carry through on particular long-term goals.  Grit is a blending of perseverance and passion.  There is a great Youtube video, called Grit:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance that I would recommend…. Read more »