Christian Leadership

Focus on fundamentals

While the greatest game ever devised by man continues to offer excitement into October (uh, yeah … that’s baseball), football is also knocking on the door of my attention. So, I make my daily contact with and peruse the latest PR from the greatest sports team on earth, the Green Bay Packers. This week,… Read more »

That’s enough

Have you ever uttered that phrase? It usually comes after a litany of troublesome issues — knees that just can’t seem to go on. Weight that goes on to one’s body; well, because the knees just seem to hurt too much. The politics of the workplace start overriding the joy of the tasks at hand…. Read more »

Welcome Aboard!

During our 2015 delegate meeting on May 11, we welcomed a new member to the TLSP board, Mark Roemke. Here’s an introduction to Mark and a bit about our eight returning board members. Mark Roemke is a farmer and an active member of Zion Lutheran Church in Woodburn. Mark’s family has deep roots in Lutheran… Read more »

The urgency to make a difference

Can you put into words the basics of what drives your Lutheran school (or any school)? Recently, I visited a school that’s prayerfully searching for a principal. I was amazed by how well the students, teachers, parents, and leaders expressed many of the same characteristics of their school–caring, trustworthy, dedicated. They talked consistently about ministry… Read more »

A week for fools

“Area Lutheran Teachers vote to cancel spring break to end the school year in May.” There may be some of you who don’t find that line very foolish (and we’re the ones not vacationing in Florida right now). Bucking what has become a national institution would be deemed doomed to failure. Who would want to… Read more »

Looking for Alignment

It’s that time of year when driving down the road you realize that the car is pulling to the left. Those direct hits to the famous Fort Wayne potholes have affected more than just a few cars. My guess is there are many cars in the shop, getting needed repairs to stay straight on the… Read more »

Thanks, Tim Elmore

Speed, convenience, entertainment, nurture and entitlement are the focus of our young people … and many reading this post! Microwaves seem slow. Everything seems to be available anytime and anywhere. We entertain and love being entertained. We coddle ourselves and our kids, and we are convinced we deserve nothing but the best. And while “every… Read more »

Parents: Don’t miss this opportunity

I’m more than pleased to announce that Dr. Tim Elmore has accepted our invitation to speak in Fort Wayne next month. Tim, a best-selling author, international speaker-and leading authority on how to understand the next generation and prepare tomorrow’s leaders today-will present “Leading Your Kids to Succeed in Life: Twelve Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid”… Read more »

St. John–Emmanuel’s Stellwagen to enter his alma mater’s hall of fame

St. John–Emmanuel Lutheran School teacher David Stellwagen was inducted into the Concordia University Chicago Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 11. David was a four-year letterman in basketball and tennis at Concordia University Chicago. He finished his basketball career with 1,246 points, placing him fifth on the university’s current all-time scoring list. His 355… Read more »