Funding the Mission

You are Now Entering… the Auction Zone…

While December may be the season for charity and goodwill, around here February through May is the season for charitable events and auctions at our Lutheran schools! Most organizations avoid the summer (everyone goes to “the lake”… but they never seem to invite me there), so they either hold their dinner/auctions in the fall between… Read more »

New Year’s Fundraising Resolutions

I was going to write a “the best of 2016 in Fundraising” article, but decided to not dwell on the past (besides, I have already written about the success of the SGO program, among other highlights). Instead, as we look to the new year, I challenge you to raise a glass with me and consider… Read more »

And They’re Off!

So, who’s tired of hearing about the SGO program yet? I’m not! I love Indiana’s premiere system (the envy of other states) that allows donors to school scholarships to receive a 50% tax credit on their Indiana state taxes. And more and more donors agree with me. The program has been accelerating over the past… Read more »

We’re in the Endowment Home Stretch

Summer. Baseball. And Endowments. When does $1 turn into $3? With the area Lutheran Schools’ endowment match challenge! Now through June 30, if you support one of seventeen Northeast Indiana-area K-8 Lutheran schools with a gift to their endowment fund, The Lutheran Foundation will not only match that gift to the school’s endowment, it will… Read more »

Shaking the Apple Tree

Creating a Successful Fundraising Program “First I shake the whole Apple tree, that the ripest might fall. Then I climb the tree and shake each limb, and then each branch and then each twig, and then I look under each leaf.” — Martin Luther If you have listened to me long enough, you will recognize… Read more »

Building expansion benefits St. John Kendallville: New Classrooms Are Better Equipped for Student Learning

St. John Lutheran School in Kendallville is undergoing a building expansion that means big changes for students. With the addition of new classrooms, a cafeteria, library, and bigger bathrooms, teachers Alexandra Klaehn and Linda Atz are seeing the effects of these changes firsthand. “We needed space. We had a portable classroom for many years. It’s… Read more »

Gifts of Grain

Maximizing Support of Area Schools with Farming Assets For generations, Lutheran schools in our area have been blessed with the support of hardworking Hoosier farmers. The Lutheran Schools, in partnership with Perkins & Kirkman CPAs and Kline’s CPA Group, are hosting four lunch presentations to reach our five-county area to illustrate the unique opportunities available… Read more »

The 7 Rs of Successful Fundraising

Fundraising is a process; it takes planning. Perhaps I should add, successful fundraising is a process. Sure, you can “hope for the best”, “just put it out there”, “hey, let’s tell the congregation that if everyone donated $100…” The shotgun approach does hit something; heck, even I was successful at my first time skeet shooting… Read more »