Funding the Mission

Monthly Giving Goes Mainstream

I will see advertisements for webinars, posts from experts, etc. advocating a cool, new concept, monthly giving. Is monthly giving new? Not really. How many remember the old 3 minute-long commercial from “Feed the Children”-type charities that would challenge you thus:  “for less the cost of a cup of coffee every month, you could feed this… Read more »

10 Latest Auction Trends

Auction Season Approaches For some people August is the start of the school month… for fundraising staff, it’s the start of the fall auction season! As some of our schools look to October through December to operate their dinner/auctions and golf outings, others will start working with their committees and start to plan their spring… Read more »

Fundraising Quotes to Live By

For those of you that have seen my presentation “From Bake Sales to Philanthropy” know that I like using quotes. Quotes from the Bible, from Martin Luther and other theologians, from other fundraising professionals, even from political figures and celebrities. Quotes have a way of “personalizing” a concept. I just recently was in a meeting… Read more »