Mark Muehl

2018 ILSSA State Basketball Tournament

Last weekend, Lutheran schools from all over the state competed in the Indiana Lutheran Schools Athletic Association’s State Basketball (ILSAA) tournament in Fort Wayne, IN. ILSAA is a non-profit organization that sponsors sports competitions for Indiana Lutheran middle schools. The tournament included 10 middle school boys teams and 10 middle school girls teams. Over the… Read more »


1- We will greet and acknowledge each other 2- We will say please and thank you 3- We will treat each other equally and with respect 4- We will be direct, sensitive and honest 5- We will address incivility whenever it occurs Where would you expect to hear this list? This is what Bill Hybels… Read more »

2018 LSAA Basketball Championship Weekend

Concordia Lutheran High School was once again the site for the annual Lutheran Schools Athletic Association (LSAA) Basketball Championship Weekend. It was a fun-filled, exciting basketball weekend for both the Girls and Boys Final Four teams. The Girls Final Four started the weekend off on Saturday morning with the St John-Emmanuel Tigers holding off a… Read more »

Get Out the Word!

Grow in the Gifts of God At the Lutheran Schools, everything we do is designed to help students cultivate their God-given gifts. From accredited academics, to competitive athletics, to opportunities to serve others in our community, we are all about helping students grow.Come get to know us better. You’ll discover 18 vibrant school communities—across the… Read more »

Feedback or Recognition?

Marcus Buckingham is a British author, motivational speaker and business consultant. With past experience as a researcher for Gallup, he uses interviews from around the world to draw conclusions about employee performance and engagement. Many of his encouragements center around self-awareness and building on strengths. At the Global Leadership Summit 2017, Buckingham stated, “We don’t… Read more »

Distraction or Focused on Christ?

The reason for the season. Christmas is all about Jesus. There’s no question about this. It might get a bit trivialized with catchphrases like this but it’s absolutely true. Christmas is about Jesus. Jesus’ birth is more than a warm story filled with joy and happiness. To celebrate Christmas, to witness to kids and families… Read more »

Fear Finished

Just over a year ago, a new president was elected. Fact: the election was impacted by fear- fear of future mortality, future security, future sustainability, future freedoms. Since then, more fear has been expressed with most fears under the subjects already mentioned. Warranted or not, fear has been expressed in continual communications. As teachers and… Read more »

Repeating the Issues of the Founders

Discipleship school. Missional school. Outreach school. Member school. Lutheran schools are all about Christ. Somehow over the years, some Lutheran school communities have struggled with whom is welcomed into it. Congregational members? Daughter/sister congregations’ families? Other Christian families? Faith seekers? And how do these decisions impact the overall community and program of the school? It’s… Read more »

2017 Indiana Lutheran Schools State Volleyball Tournament

Last weekend, the 2nd Annual Indiana Lutheran Schools Athletic Association (ILSAA) State Volleyball Tournament was held in Indianapolis. ILSAA is a non-profit organization that sponsors annual Christian based sports competitions for Indiana Lutheran middle schools. Ten grade schools were invited to the State Tournament and five of those teams were from the Fort Wayne area…. Read more »

School Choice Myth: Vouchers Cause Discrimination and Segregation.

This year more than 30,000 students will again head to their school of choice, made possible by the Indiana School Choice Scholarship. With more students than ever participating in the voucher program, and 81 percent of parents saying they’re “overwhelmingly satisfied_” with their school of choice, there’s plenty of evidence this program is benefitting children… Read more »