Alicia Levitt

Teachers Spend Summer Learning

What do Lutheran School teachers do with their last days of summer vacation?  Go to school and learn, of course!  Over fifty Science teachers from several schools in The Lutheran Schools Partnership (TLSP) gathered at Holy Cross Lutheran School on July 31 and August 1 to learn more about the implementation of materials from ISI,… Read more »

Learning and Growing through Critical Friend Visits

Last school year, The Lutheran Schools Partnership (TLSP) lead an effort to establish a supportive network of schools and teachers.  We adopted a process called Critical Friend Visits that focuses on what students are doing in classrooms.  Six of our schools piloted the process and through those experiences and the feedback we received, we revised… Read more »


This is the new buzzword in education, but unlike other trends, this idea may have staying power.  Grit is a person’s ability to carry through on particular long-term goals.  Grit is a blending of perseverance and passion.  There is a great Youtube video, called Grit:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance that I would recommend…. Read more »

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Workshops Sharpen Teaching Skills in Math, Technology, Reading and Writing Summer is the perfect time for teachers to sharpen their skills and get fresh ideas for next year. Cindy McKinney, our academic excellence coordinator, is putting together this year’s IMPACT Conference, professional development workshops that offer educators the chance to expand their instructional techniques in… Read more »

Computer Students Explore Uses for Raspberry Pi

The Tiny Device Allows Students to Explore Their Creativity and Ingenuity In Scott Storm’s computer science class, students work in groups on projects using a credit card sized device called a Raspberry Pi. It’s a low-cost, tiny computer that can do most things your PC can do, from playing video games to browsing the Internet…. Read more »

Resource Room Meets Needs at Ascension

Tiffany Herman loves creating a place where kids feel safe and supported. It’s this underlying desire that drives Mrs. Herman to make the resource room at Ascension into a supportive environment, where she serves kids of all ability levels. She works at the school partially through the Lutheran Special Education Ministries, an organization designed to… Read more »

Building expansion benefits St. John Kendallville: New Classrooms Are Better Equipped for Student Learning

St. John Lutheran School in Kendallville is undergoing a building expansion that means big changes for students. With the addition of new classrooms, a cafeteria, library, and bigger bathrooms, teachers Alexandra Klaehn and Linda Atz are seeing the effects of these changes firsthand. “We needed space. We had a portable classroom for many years. It’s… Read more »