Alicia Levitt

How We Spent Our Summer: A Back to School Essay

It’s a classic back-to-school assignment: the “how I spent my summer” journal entry, collage, picture, or essay.  While summer has provided a nice break in routine, The Lutheran Schools Partnership was not closed this summer. Here’s a taste of what we have been up to in the area of Academic Excellence while our schools were… Read more »


I grew up in an 1880’s farmhouse on a dusty, gravel road in rural Iowa.  My parents weren’t farmers, but chores were a major part of my life as a child.  We had about 4 acres of grass that we mowed on our 14 acre property, and a few more acres at my grandparents’ house… Read more »

TLSP Schools Support Ongoing Disaster Relief Efforts

When natural disaster strikes, the devastation seems ever before us on our televisions and computers…at least for a while.  Donations are sent almost immediately to help those affected by earthquakes, wildfires, and floods.  However, aid may slow down as quickly as it begins.   As we are reminded by LCMS Disaster Response, the need for support… Read more »

Brain Break Challenge

What do you get when you give a group of students an Ipad or a cell phone and a challenge?  Amazing videos! The Lutheran Schools Partnership sponsored a Brain Break Video Contest for our schools to celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week.  Many of our schools use websites like to provide “brain breaks” for students… Read more »

Keeping the Brain in Mind

Last June, The Lutheran Schools Partnership hosted Ann Anzalone, a well-known educational speaker on brain development.  This November, Emmaus Lutheran School brought Anzalone back to Fort Wayne to speak to teachers and parents.  Anzalone demonstrates what she teaches – we all need to be active learners.  Anzalone led her audience through exercises as she spoke… Read more »

Mindset, part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on Carol Dweck’s “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success-How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential”. Part one can be found here “I’m just not good at math.”  “This is too hard for me, and I’m never going to get it.”  “School work is just not… Read more »

Mindset, part 1

Since the 2006 release of the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success-How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential” by Carol Dweck, the term ‘mindset’ has become a popular buzzword in the education world, and with good reason.  The research on achievement and success by Dweck and others has shown that our intelligence, and… Read more »